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FranklinCovey® Leadership and 7 Habits Solutions at the Anderson Center

Bringing the power of FranklinCovey to Greater Minnesota


Questions about FranklinCovey® at the Anderson Center?

Contact Rebecca Gross, Business Development Manager, at 320.251.5420 or rebecca@anderson-center.org.

The Anderson Center presents:
FranklinCovey® Leadership, Management, and Supervisory Solutions

As part of our quest to promote economic growth in Greater Minnesota, the Anderson Center is committed to providing business leaders with the best available management and leadership development opportunities possible.

Through a valuable partnership with FranklinCovey®, the Anderson Center is offering forums that will help you uncover how to align and focus the efforts of your team, tackle your organization's most significant objectives, and create a working environment that fosters positive energy, dependability and growth.

Three forums at the Anderson Center feature curriculum from FranklinCovey®. All offer a chance to experience powerful change in your effectiveness as a leader.

The Leadership Forum is ideally suited for teams of executives and organizational leaders — including owners, CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and senior leaders. Using the 4 Essential Roles Assessment, the forum helps leaders discover how to inspire trust and build credibility, define a clear and compelling purpose, create and align systems, and unleash the talents and energy of a winning team.

The 7 Habits for Managers Forum is ideally suited for managers of processes, teams, departments, divisions and business units — including high-potential professionals destined for managerial roles, newly appointed managers, and experienced managers. The forum is designed to equip managers with the tools needed to lead teams, overcome interpersonal and organizational challenges, manage and enhance team member performance and produce superior and lasting results.

The Supervisors Forum is designed for those who want to enhance their supervisory skills to be more effective leaders of other people. In each session, participants will learn a variety of supervisory skills, and use role play and application exercises to practice how and when to utilize behaviors for maximum effectiveness within their organization. Participants will finish the forum having practiced a variety of the supervisory skills needed in today’s workplace.

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