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Develop and implement a strategy that allows your business to play to its strengths, capitalize on opportunities and sustain a competitive advantage

Strategy Forum

Upcoming Dates & Location: 2019 dates and location TBD. Please let Rebecca know if you're interested in attending.

“The Strategy Forum was one of the best learning experiences that I’ve participated in. The learn-do-review model created an active learning environment that allowed me to refine our organization’s strategy.“

Greg Windfeldt
Preferred Credit, Inc.

Video: A Look at the Strategy Forum


The Strategy Forum is an applications-based workshop for business leaders responsible for achieving clarity, credibility and sustainability of their organizational strategy. Each morning of the forum, participants are guided through case studies, frameworks and activities to assist them in the process of building or refining their strategy. A peer council will challenge and test amended strategies at the end of each day. To conclude the forum, each organization will present its revised strategy statement to forum participants for peer review and feedback from other executives.

Program Format
  • Before the forum begins, participants will draft an initial strategy for their individual organizations. Here, executives will begin the process of looking beyond mission, vision and values—to the strategy of their organizations.
  • During the five-day forum, participants will be led through four case studies accompanied by application and coaching sessions.  The case topics include:
    • Situational analysis
    • Competitor profiling & intelligence
    • Value proposition & strategic activities
    • Balanced scorecard
  • After the forum concludes, participants will present revised strategies to various groups within their individual organizations for feedback and further refining. Here, executives will begin the process of intentionally building and sustaining competitive advantage through clearly defined strategies.
  • Six months following the forum, participants are invited to a fourth, and optional, phase of the Strategy Forum. Here participants present their latest strategies to the cohort and reflect on their strategic thinking and planning experience.

Executive Collaboration

Because strategy development and execution is a team effort, requiring multiple perspectives and alignment across all executives and the organization as a whole, participating organizations are strongly encouraged to register at least two senior managers. In some cases, it would be ideal to register three or four participants from the same organization, to include the core team that develops strategy and oversees its execution.

Forum Fees

We have structured our fees to encourage collaboration and participation by multiple members from the same organization. The fee for the Strategy Forum is $5,000 for the first participant from each organization. The fee for the second participant from the same organization will be $4,000, and any additional participants from the same business are welcome at a rate of $3,000 per participant. The fee covers tuition, course materials, meals and lodging. Nonprofit organizations receive a 20% discount. Individuals and small or early-stage organizations interested in attending an Anderson Center Forum with limited ability to pay, should inquire about scholarship opportunities.

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