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There are various approaches when choosing to invest in leadership and management development for your organization. At Anderson Center, we strive to provide services that align with your mission, strategy, and goals. We utilize the Harvard Business School case library and the Case Study Method in forums that enhance management and functional skills. To meet leadership and interpersonal skill objectives, Anderson Center partners with FranklinCovey®. All of our forums complement and work with one another to meet your organization’s leadership and management development needs. Learn more about our forums, curriculum, and objectives below and contact us for Anderson Center coaching and leadership development planning.

Management & Functional Skills

Case Study method

Anderson Center utilizes the Harvard Business School case library, case method teaching and participant-centered learning to actively engage participants in the learning and decision-making process. Learn more about case method and participant-centered learning.

Leadership & Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Solutions

Through a valuable partnership with FranklinCovey®, Anderson Center offers forums that will help you uncover how to align and focus the efforts of your team, tackle your organization’s most significant objectives, and create a working environment that fosters positive energy, dependability and growth.

Offerings for All Leaders

Anderson Center provides forums for all levels of leaders in an organization. Learn more about which forums are designed for the people on your team and contact us to ensure the best forum fit.

Executive Development

Executive Forum

A forum for individuals looking to learn and grow alongside a cohort of peers across a yearlong program. This forum is designed to increase the effectiveness of executives by diving deep into the strategy and leadership components in the survival, growth and expansion stages of business. Throughout the year, the cohort participates in three four-day sessions and optional company tours, providing feedback and building relationships.

Strategy Forum

An application-based forum for management teams responsible for the strategic leadership in an organization. Participants are guided through the process of building or refining their business strategy using tools, frameworks and case studies.

Leadership Forum

A forum for individuals looking to increase trust among their team, improve communication, build processes for execution and empower team members to grow. Based on FranklinCovey®’s “4 Essential Roles of Leadership,” this forum provides participants with tools to transform from great business executives into great leaders.

Management Development

Management Forum

A forum designed to provide participants with enhanced decision-making skills by exposing them to essential management concepts including leadership, operations, finance, marketing strategy, etc. with accompanied tools and techniques to increase their cross-functional awareness.

7 Habits for Managers Forum

Based on FranklinCovey®’s course, “7 Habits for Managers™”, this forum is designed to equip today’s managers with the tools needed to lead teams, overcome interpersonal and organizational challenges, manage and enhance team member performance and produce superior and lasting results.

Supervisory Development

Supervisors Forum

A forum that introduces individuals to a variety of supervisory skills including effective communication, giving feedback, facilitating difficult conversations, driving team performance and more. Participants are given the opportunity to practice how and when to utilize behaviors for maximum effectiveness in today’s workplace through role play and application exercises.

BOARD Development

Governance Forum

A comprehensive forum that assists board members in assessing their key knowledge, skills and abilities, and forming a plan for both individual and full-board development to improve the performance and effectiveness of the board.

Development for all Leaders

Data Analytics Foundations Forum

A forum for ideally suited for team members (individual contributors, supervisors, or managers) who would benefit from learning the foundational elements of data analytics for business.

Operations Forum

A forum that prepares participants to address operations-related concepts including production, process flow, supply chain and quality control with tools and action planning.

Marketing Forum

A forum that provides participants with an indepth understanding of marketing principles, how marketing supports strategy, and delivers insight and solutions to marketing challenges.

Leading Change Forum

A forum featuring John Kotter’s 8-step change framework that provides participants with tools and strategies to lead, manage and institutionalize change in an organization.

Leading Negotiations Forum

A forum for any leader looking to build win-win relationships with team members, customers, and vendors through self-assessment exercises, negotiation simulations, situation analysis and advanced negotiating tools.

Speed of Trust Forum

A forum based upon FranklinCovey®’s “Speed of Trust” curriculum that benefits both individuals and teams. Participants are equipped with powerful and practical leadership tools for self trust and relationship trust which are built on concepts of credibility and behavior.

Inclusive Leadership Forum

In partnership with FranklinCovey®’s,  Anderson Center is pleased to offer a forum that is built around Franklin Covey‘s newest offering, Unconsious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential. In this one day forum, we will explore bias. A bias is a preference for or against a person, place, or thing. But unconscious bias leaves us unaware of potential harm, resulting from biased thinking. As we understand bias, we can address it to create a culture in which everyone thrives.

private forums

Any of our forums can be designed and delivered privately to organizations who want to have larger groups of team members participate in the forum together. Please contact us directly with inquiries.

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