Trusted partners are essential to the success of organizations big and small. My dad owns a small construction business in the Brainerd Lakes area, and he has always relied on relationships with people and companies he knows and trusts.

Anderson Center has a long history of partnering with companies to help them increase their organizational capabilities over time. In 2021, Anderson Center partnered with 16 companies to create leadership development plans with investments ranging from $15,000 to $80,000. These investments in their organizations included planned development paths for supervisors, managers, and executives.

According to research conducted by InfoPro Learning and Training Industry, middle market companies with annual revenue between $10 million and $1 billion have the best results when partnered with an external training provider they trust. According to this study, “Compared to those companies who don’t use any external providers or partners to help with their learning, companies that worked with a primary trusted partner were nearly four times as likely to indicate their training was always effective.”

Anderson Center can be that primary trusted partner for your organization. We can work with your HR leaders to create a roadmap that identifies current competencies and maps out ways to nurture and develop the right leadership skills for the right teams, over time.

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Aleisha Gaalswyk Stephens
President, Anderson Center