Being Intentional in a Fast-Paced World

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend less time on social media and more time reading. It’s about meaning versus expediency: the importance of being intentional and choosing to do tasks for long-term gains instead of simply opting for what is fast and easy. During stressful times it is harder to be intentional, but the current labor market demands talent management as an employee retention strategy.
Just like any other business decision, you need to take a business lens to leadership. You need to think of leadership as an essential business capability that helps you achieve your business strategy and goals. As I like to say, “Leadership is not the icing on the cake; it is a core ingredient of what makes you successful.”
-Kenny Bhosale, Leadership Strategist & Executive Coach (Brainz Magazine)
Anderson Center not only provides engaging leadership and management forums, we can also customize any offering as a Private Forum to fit your organization’s needs and develop that essential business capability. Anderson Center can help ensure your leadership development is an intentional and meaningful contribution to your long-term success!
For a full list of Anderson Center forums, visit Our Forums, and contact Rebecca Clobes if you are interested in a Private Forum.
Aleisha Gaalswyk Stephens
President, Anderson Center