How much do you know about Generation Z? In just two short years, this next generation will make up 20% of our workforce. With this in mind, strategies need to be made for how to most effectively onboard this new group of employees. A Forbes writer shares that Generation Z is marked “by their work ethic, practical approach to education, and embrace of technology.” Employers who embrace this generation’s enthusiasm for learning through hands-on, practical learning will be more successful in the attracting and retaining of young talent. 

We know that Generation Z thrives with the use of technology, but they also value face to face interaction. Therefore, employers that provide blended educational models that combine technology and in person instruction are found to be the most effective for Generation Z in their learning.

As you know, leadership development is important for all employees at an organization. As stated above, the need for development opportunities and education for the upcoming generations of leaders is even more critical for long-term talent management strategies. At the Anderson Center, we have taken action to help provide such opportunities for individuals that are at the internship step in their career. We are pleased to support the Total Internship Management Workshop coming to St. Cloud on April 16. This is a great one-day seminar the will guide you and your business to having the most effective internship programs. 

Additionally, last year we facilitated a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People© course for individuals completing an internship, and plan to continue that forum on an annual basis. We will continue to find ways to bring education and training to all individuals in an organization, and will help ensure our clients and their leaders are prepared for Generation Z!