The weather is finally warming up, the birds are singing and the air is crisp. When we step outside, the feelings of being refreshed, calm and happy are part of a phenomenon called biophilia. According to an article in Forbes, this phenomenon “describes how humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other living things.” Many people find it more difficult to come to and engage in work when Minnesotan summers are meant to be spent outside. However, incorporating elements of nature into the work environment can help refocus employees, reduce stress and enhance creativity.

This summer, we challenge you to incorporate nature into the work environment. This can be done through having a patio area with tables and chairs, engaging in team-building activities in a nearby park or even holding meetings outside. Furthermore, by scheduling walking meetings, employees are able to engage in exercise while allowing creativity to flow naturally. Workplace strategy expert Leigh Stringer says this is because “nothing is holding you back – instead of being restricted by ceilings and walls, you have the wide-open sky.” This openness can be a valuable tool for brainstorming and in turn can help keep productivity levels high.