Google “why are employees quitting”, and you will get a slew of articles with stats and explanations regarding our current situation in America’s workforce. The mass exodus is being coined the Great Resignation.

What can employers do to increase retention? While much in the landscape of the workforce has changed over the last 18 months, the principles of employee engagement have not.

In research done with 3,200 senior executives, five principles for taking care of people emerged:

  • Enable continuous learning
  • Listen to what people need on the front lines
  • Use technology to enable flexible work
  • Champion workforce wellbeing and equality
  • Set and share people metrics

In this ever-changing world, employers must invest in their people in order to retain and develop talent. Anderson Center has forums for all levels of leaders, from first-level managers and supervisors to executives. Our 2022 calendar of public offerings is available. Anderson Center can help you increase employee retention!

Aleisha Gaalswyk Stephens
President, Anderson Center